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The World R3

This is an original dothack// rp forum where members are allowed to rp in the setting of the games and animes of .hack//.
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Gemini Dragon
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PostSubject: Guilds   Mon May 06, 2013 11:23 pm

there are some guilds that are already in "The World" R3. There are some that are really original. xD

______________________Kestral Faction Guilds______________________
"The Liberal Arvak" - The Sun - A member of Kestral
is made up of humans. Their liberal way of thinking suits their steam
engines. They are enemies with the Ogmios. Their symbol mark is "the
shining sun".

"KouDoutai" - The Zodiac Mercenaries for hire, they will aid in battle or other task, depending on the price.
Members are called by a zodiac sign, their sign tells of their current rank in the zodiac as well as their best jobs.

______________________Lunar Tree Faction Guilds______________________
"The Conservative Ogmios" - The Judgment - A member of Lunar Tree
Ogmios is made up of the beast people. Their conservative attitude is shown in
their crest-based techniques. Their symbol mark is "a giant gate and
magic circle."

"The Twilight Source" - The Shining Bridge - A member of Lunar Tree
A sub guild of Lunar tree. A clan founded by Tsugasa of Shienkin the
twilight source brigade is a Neutral guild and does not side with either
the Arvak or Ogmios. The clans mark is a dark purple and white Tattoo
going on both forearms.

"The Winged Blinds" - The After image - A member of Lunar Tree
A subguild of Lunar tree, founded by Kyubi. The Blinds are also neutral,
however their motto is: "Your GP or your HP." Though they work for
money, they use information they learn from working with other guilds.
Their mark is a kabuki mask.

"The Noble Gryphon" - The Guardians - A member of Lunar Tree
A third Guild of Lunar Tree which strongly supports the leaders hatred of
the PKers in Kestral. They work hard to protect and help newbie players.

ok that are all of the guilds in R2. I don't know any that was in R1... nor any from the animes. Message me if you know any of the anime and R1.
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Gemini Dragon
Posts : 67
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Join date : 2013-05-06
Age : 30
Location : Wondering around

PostSubject: Re: Guilds   Tue May 07, 2013 12:02 am

Here's an original guild that was started back in R1 by someone way back that. xD

__________________Azure Sky Cirrus Darkness_______________________
This guild is a bit weird even a bit wrong with the dothack world. -_- don't bit*h about this guild. If you don't like how this guild is, then just don't join.
ok anyways. This guild has a weird Grunty who is really Aura. (Bit*h and I will delete you.) As the grunty, Aura isn't always there, when she isn't, the grunty will be asleep. She is only awake when Aura is really there.
To this weird guild, there is always weird things happening. PKing can happen in the @home. So yea.
The owner of the guild is Luna since the original owner gave her the guild, a week after Luna joined back in R1.

In order to join, you MUST befriend Luna in rp and then message me. -_- yea...
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