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 My Characters (W.I.P)

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PostSubject: My Characters (W.I.P)   My Characters (W.I.P) Icon_minitimeWed May 08, 2013 11:19 pm



Character's Name: Ashtrin (online) / Emma (offline)
Character's Age:Ashtrin (23) /Emma (24)
Character's Sex: F
Character's Build: Medium(her build is like Pi on online and offline is almost looks like that too. )
Character's Hair Color:dark pink purple.(online) brown hair (offline)
Character's Hair Style:Long and wavy (online )long(offline)
Character's Eye color:light blue ( offline is just blue)
Character's Clothing:Ashtrin outfits is a kimono it like pretty much like this

Emma's outfit is just look at her pic .
Accessories:a choker like necklaces.
Character's Personality: Ashtrin is the silent and yet cold hearten type, and yet Emma though is a hard working,nice sweet person in real life.

Background: Every since emma was young her parent want her to do well in life.Emma dedicated her life to school and her education. Until she was 16 year old when her father told her that they didn't have the money for her to go to collage. Emma decide that she will work hard to earn money for collage while getting her education. after four year Emma graduated from collage with a Medical degree. Six month after she graduated she got hire by uncle.Who's own a small health clinic. Emma's father and uncle don't like each other. Emma worked hard for one and half years as a nurse. before she finally got her raise .After she got raise her friend notice she need a break from her work mode ,so her friend told her about "the world" and got her to play .Since then she been playing it after work and on her days off.

Race: Human
Level: 1
Character's Class:Macabre Dancer
Guild: You may choose one of the Guilds
Weapon: Danse Beat (ダンセ・ベアト)-250-25-1-1-1-10-0:0-0-0-0-0-0

Armor: Sub Gear-200-20-1-1-1:1-1
Accessory:Simple Bracelet-200-20-1-1-1:10-10-0-0-0-0
Skills: Dek Corv-1-Inflict-Range(small)-12-Lowers target Patk for five turns by 30
Items: 2 Asian Mango-80-8-1- 60 HP-S
Money: 500 G (this all she has left)

Stats: 700 *
HP: 200
SP (Spirit Point count, heals up 5% each turn): 55

Elements **
Fire: 10
Water: 20
Wind: 20
Earth: 10
Light: 10
Dark: 10
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My Characters (W.I.P)
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