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This is an original dothack// rp forum where members are allowed to rp in the setting of the games and animes of .hack//.
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 Bad guy... and Cubia

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Bad guy... and Cubia Empty
PostSubject: Bad guy... and Cubia   Bad guy... and Cubia Icon_minitimeTue May 07, 2013 12:20 pm

This is still being thought through and talked about but this is what my friend and I came up with... Ok truth is Kylie's owner who has yet to join (can't get online yet.) Is the main one who came up with this idea. So yea...

This is what we got.

There is a darker evil that is worst then Cubia and ANIA. O_O ... Yea I know. But this evil was locked away in a box lost in a unknown area, The keywords to this area are locked. No hacker can get into this area. Helba is the only one who can but we are not saying she can't. No one other then her can. There. Now Helba's fan club can go away. xD

Well Cubia has been locked into it's twin blader AI form since Haseo beat it...him.. Cubia is a male. >w> Such he's just an AI wondering around random fields and such, The idea was to have him looking for the dark evil so he can well... cause crisis to the net and world again.

But I'm not sure if we will use this idea since
a) no idea of the group to save the net/world form this evil
b) I don't really know if Cubia would do that or not.

so yea... That's the whole idea as of right now. My friend is still thinking of more detail on this. Also The one who claims Cubia is allowed to add their input on this.
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Bad guy... and Cubia
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