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This is an original dothack// rp forum where members are allowed to rp in the setting of the games and animes of .hack//.
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 Forest of Pain

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Forest of Pain Empty
PostSubject: Forest of Pain   Forest of Pain Icon_minitimeTue May 07, 2013 10:07 am

Or as I call it, the evil forest that makes me from my yaoi. XD Still trying for the yaoi ending with Endrance and Haseo. xD Anyways, but to the main point of this thread.

This event only opens once a year in the Month of October. The whole month will be this event.

I'm not really sure how to really do this event on this forest....

From reading the dothack wiki... the forest of pain is just a huge forest with 70 or 100 lvls in which players have to get to the middle of it. I'm not really sure if there is 100 lvls since on my copy of Gu, I'm only on floor 50 or so. So I'm guessing.

hmm On here, I'm thinking of doing it like the anime, Roots. Where Players have to get to the middle with help or not.

If you live, you will get a Special Rank. I might add a rare item in this event, but I don't know.

Once I get an event mod aka Balmung. I'll talk it over with his player. xD
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Forest of Pain
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