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This is an original dothack// rp forum where members are allowed to rp in the setting of the games and animes of .hack//.
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 How this works

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How this works Empty
PostSubject: How this works   How this works Icon_minitimeTue May 07, 2013 8:32 am

Here I'll tell you all how the Arena works on this form.

First thing, in the arena form, you and your 2 other party members will have to enter, by posting in the Enter Arena Thread that I started.

After that, Depending on your and your party's level, a random other team that has entered, will be picked to fight you. I will PM both you and that other team leader. It is your job to tell the others about the fight.

After the two teams get picked and set to fight, both teams have one week, Two weeks depending on the reasons of being offline, to make a thread in the normal arena area, under the Enter thread.

WP gain - 1 per 1 wp.
Anyways, Once the winner team leader PM's me, I will look for another team for them to fight.

Just say, not now, if you want to stop fighting in the arena for a while. But to get into the top 16 teams, you will need to fight a lot of teams.

The level difference that you and your team can pick from can be no more then 5 level higher. You can do higher then that, but you will most lightly get hurt really fast.

After each PK battle, the thread started for that battle will be locked... I think over time I'll need a mod just for the arena. xD

hmm what else, should you all know.. hm.. oh yea, Item use isn't allowed. So make use you have a healer in your team.

If you have any Questions, ask before. I'll try to answer them the best that I can.
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How this works
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