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This is an original dothack// rp forum where members are allowed to rp in the setting of the games and animes of .hack//.
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 Lost Grounds

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PostSubject: Lost Grounds   Lost Grounds Icon_minitimeTue May 07, 2013 6:39 am

Here are the keywords to all of the lost grounds in "The World"

Δ Hidden Forbidden Radiation - Arche Koeln Waterfall
Δ Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground - Hülle Granz Cathedral
Σ Hidden Forbidden Exhibition - Balbol Museum
Θ Hidden Forbidden Dragonbein - Briona Gwydion the Dragonbein Range
Θ Hidden Forbidden Battlefield - Coite-Bodher Battlefield
Θ Returning Invincible Huge Being - Dark Morrigu Barrow Wall
Δ Hidden Forbidden Bulwark - Morrigu Barrow Wall
Δ Hidden Forbidden Dead Wood - Dead World of Indieglut Lugh
Θ Hidden Forbidden Sacrament - The Great Temple of Caerleon Medb
Θ Hidden Forbidden Virgin Peaks - Six Ringing Peaks of Al Fadel
Θ Hidden Forbidden In Heat. - Sugar Mansion Sif Berg
Σ Immersed Crime's Paraphrase - Use an Outer Dungeon to get to The Creator's Room
Θ Hidden Forbidden Hades - Wailing Capital Wald Uberlisterin
Σ Hidden Forbidden Sin Realm - World of Sin Ran Hati

Lost grounds without keywords that can only open with Events or Signs.
Hy Brasail, the Isle of Kings (王者の島 イ・ブラセル, Ōja no Shima I Buraseru) is a Lost Ground only accessible during official events.
Inverted City Megin Fi (背面都市 マグニ・フィ, Haimen Toshi Maguni Fi) is a Lost Ground located above the Battlefield of Coite-Bodher. It can only be accessed through the Sign there.
The Creator's Room (創造主の部屋, Sōzōshu no Heya) is a mysterious, blank white room existing within The World and The World R:2, with a wooden chair in the center. Its precise purpose is unknown, but it has been revealed to be a both a Lost Ground and one of Harald's Rooms.
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Lost Grounds
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