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PostSubject: Armour   Armour Icon_minitimeTue May 07, 2013 4:48 am

Again... GU armor. Still don't keep R1 items for long. xD

Legend for Armor
Name - Purchase Price - Sell Price - Level to equip - Rarity - Slots : Physical Defense - Magical Defense

X=no variable for this specific statistic or indication.

NOTE: Armors defense bonuses must be multiplied by 10. i.e. 4-1 = 40-10

Heavy Armor: Multiweapon; Partisan; Brandish; Flicker
Rough Armor-200-20-1-1-1:2-x
Rough Shell-1200-120-10-1-1:4-1
Rough Mail-3000-300-20-2-1:8-2
Rough Defense-4000-400-27-2-1:10-3
Rough Jiongjia-5400-540-35-2-2:12-4
Rough Metal-6300-630-42-3-2:14-5
Rough Alloy-7000-700-46-4-2:16-6
Rough Steel-8100-810-51-1-2:19-7
Rough Wave-9200-920-60-2-2:21-8
Rough Buddha-10100-1010-68-2-2:23-9
Rough Iron-11300-1130-75-3-2:25-10
Rough Amalgam-12500-1250-82-3-3:27-11
Rough Dragon-13800-1380-90-4-3:29-12
Rough Tiger-15000-1500-101-2-3:32-16
Rough Puma-16200-1620-108-2-3:34-17
Rough Red Bone-17300-1730-116-3-3:36-18
Rough Diamond-18500-1850-124-3-3:38-19
Rough Mercury-21300-2130-132-3-3:40-20
Rough Monarch-23000-2300-140-4-3:42-21
Rough Imperial-25000-2500-145-4-3:44-19

Light Armor: Blade; Steam Gunner; Twin Sword
Loose Sash-200-20-1-1-1:1-1
Loose Guard-1200-120-10-1-1:3-3
Lose Kimono-3000-300-20-2-1:5-4
Loose Vest-4000-400-27-2-1:7-6
Loose Plate-5400-540-35-3-2:9-8
Loose Sheath-6300-630-42-4-2:10-9
Loose Leather-7000-700-51-2-2:12-10
Loose Fur-8100-810-60-2-2:14-12
Loose Guardian-9200-920-68-3-2:16-14
Loose Scales-10100-1010-76-3-2:18-16
Loose Case-11300-1130-84-4-3:20-18
Loose Lionel-12500-1250-92-4-3:22-20
Loose Papa-13800-1380-101-2-3:25-22
Loose Battle-15000-1500-110-2-3:27-24
Loose Wyvern-16200-1620-118-2-3:29-26
Loose Regalia-17300-1730-126-3-3:30-28
Loose Dispel-18500-1850-134-4-3:32-30
Loose Holy-21300-2130-142-4-3:34-31

Robes: Danse Macabre; Grappler; Harvest; Warlock; Wavemaster
Sub Gear-200-20-1-1-1:1-1
Sub Robe-1200-120-10-1-1:2-4
Sub Gown-3000-300-20-2-1:3-7
Sub Attire-4200-420-27-2-1:4-10
Sub Yin Yang-5400-540-35-3-2:5-12
Sub Garment-6400-640-42-4-2:6-14
Sub Cape-7200-720-51-1-2:7-16
Sub Mantle-8100-810-60-2-2:8-18
Sub Frock-9000-900-68-2-2:10-22
Sub Suit-10300-1030-76-3-2:11-25
Sub Cloak-12100-1210-84-3-3:12-28
Sub Dragon-13900-1390-93-3-3:13-30
Sub Dress-15700-1570-101-2-3:14-32
Sub Shawl-17500-1750-110-2-3:15-35
Sub Habit-19300-1930-118-2-3:16-38
Sub Vestment-21100-2110-126-3-3:17-40
Sub Cowl-22900-2290-134-4-3:18-42
Sub Comet-24700-2470-142-4-3:19-45

Legend for Accessories
Name - Purchase Price - Sell Price - Level to equip - Rarity - Slots : Fire - Water - Wind - Earth - Light - Dark

X=no variable for this specific statistic or indication.

Accessories: All Classes
Simple Bracelet-200-20-1-1-1:10-10-0-0-0-0
Simple Necklace-200-20-1-1-1:0-0-0-10-10-0

Simple Earth Idol-2000-200-15-2-1:0-n30-0-0-50-0
Simple Fire Idol-2000-200-15-2-1:50-0-0-n30-0-0
Simple Steam Ring-x-200-15-4-1:30-0-0-30-0-0
Simple Water Idol-2000-200-15-2-1:n30-0-0-50-0-0
Simple Wind Idol-2000-200-15-2-1:0-50-0-0-n30-0

Simple Bracelet-3200-320-20-2-1:0-0-0-30-30-0
Simple Bracelet-3200-320-20-2-1:30-30-0-0-0-0

Simple Pendant-x-360-24-3-1:30-30-30-30-30-30

Simple Earth Bell-4500-450-30-3-1:0-n70-0-0-150-0
Simple Fire Bell-4500-450-30-3-1:150-0-0-n70-0-0
Simple Water Bell-4500-450-30-3-1:n70-0-0-150-0-0
Simple Wind Bell-4500-450-30-3-1:0-150-0-0-n70-0

Simple Head Band-x-500-35-4-2:0-0-0-100-100-0
Simple Pouch-x-500-35-4-2:100-100-0-0-0-0

Simple Watch-x-560-40-4-2:100-100-100-100-100-100
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