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PostSubject: Items   Items Icon_minitimeTue May 07, 2013 4:45 am

From GU since I don't keep items for long in the 4 part games. xD

1=Common, 2=Uncommon, 3=Rare, 4=Super Rare, 5=Ultra Rare. Items/Equipment of Rarity 5 cannot be sold/customized.

Tre=Treasure Chest

Name - Purchase Price - Sell Price - Rarity - Effects - How to obtain

Healing Items:
Asian Mango-80-8-1-+60 HP-S
Health Drink-100-10-1-+100 HP-Tre,S,G,Tra,M
Healing Serum-350-35-2-+200 HP-Tre,S,G,Tra,M
Caramel Sauce-250-25-1-+30 SP-S
Sprite Drop-350-35-2-+50 SP-Tre,S,G,Tra,M
Weird Black Tea-x-80-4-+50 HP,+50 SP-G,Tra

Antidote Soda-250-25-1-Cure poison-S,G,M,E
Blessing Soda-250-25-1-Cure Curse-Tre,S,G
Stimulant Soda-250-25-1-Cure Sleep-Tre,S

Healing Rain-x-60-3-+100 HP all allies-Tre,G,Tra,E
Revive Rain-x-210-4-+200 HP all allies-G
Sprite Rain-x-210-3-+50 SP all allies-Tre,G,E
Holy Potion-x-480-4-+50Sp,+50 HP,all allies-Tra

Revival Medicine-1000-100-3-Revive w/ 25% hp-S,G,Tra

Skill Items:
Antidote Scroll-3000-300-2-Learn Rip Duk-S,Tra
Dawn Bird Scroll-3000-300-2-Learn Rip Mumyn-S,G
Life Scroll-3000-300-2-Learn Repth-Tre,S,G
Priest Scroll-3000-300-2-Learn Rip Maj-S,G

Avalanche Scroll-3000-300-2-Learn Gan Bolg-S,G,Tra
Hellfire Scroll-3000-300-2-Learn Vak Don-S
Tidal Scroll-3000-300-2-Learn Rue Kruz-S,Tra
Tornado Scroll-3000-300-2-Learn Zan Rom-S

Misc Items:
Coupon-x-10-4-Discount at Guild shops-E
Fairy's Orb-x-15-1-Location of objects in area appear-Tre,G,Tra
Return Feather-x-25-1-Warp to last platform of an area-Tre,G
Smoke Screen-x-10-1-Escape Battle-Tre,Tra,M

Attack Items:

Earth Spike-700-70-2-Gan Bolg-Tre,S,M,E
Fire Storm-800-80-2-Vak Don-Tre,S,Tra,M
Tidal Wave-500-50-2-Rue Kruz-Tre,S,M
Tornado-600-60-2-Zan Rom-Tre,S,M

The Death-x-50-2-Poison enemy-Tre,Tra,M
The Devil-x-50-2-Curse enemy-Tre,Tra,M
The Moon-x-50-2-Sleep enemy-Tre,Tra,M

Astrologer Seal-350-35-2-MDef down 30-Tre,S,Tra,M
Knight Seal-350-35-2-PDef down 30-Tre,S,Tra,M
Wizard Seal-350-35-2-MAtk down 30-Tre,S,Tra,M
Wizard Seal-350-35-2-PAtk down 30-Tre,S,Tra,M

Support Items:
Astrologer Blood-x-25-2-MDef up 30-Tra,M
Knight Seal-x-25-2-PDef up 30-Tre,M
Wizard Seal-x-25-2-MAtk up 30-Tre,Tra,M
Wizard Seal-x-25-2-PAtk up 30-Tre,M

Beginner's Text-4500-500-40-Increase skill level by 500-G
Beginner's Book-27000-3000-40-Increase skill level by 500, all allies-G
Word of Spirit-x-x-5-Increase Max SP by 250-E
Word of Vigor-x-x-5-Increase Max HP by 250-E
Word of Power -x-x-5-Increase Max PAtk by 30-E
Word of Sense-x-x-5-Increase Max MDef by 30-E
Word of Stamina-x-x-5-Increase Max PDefby 30-E
Word of Wisdom-x-x-5-Increase Max MAtkby 30-E
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